Message from Barry Harris

Hi all.
Well the time has come to break the news. Lot’s of rumors & speculation out there. Yes it’s true, Thunderpuss is no more. I’ve decided to leave Thunderpuss as i feel it’s run it’s course. Thunderpuss had a really great run, i’m very proud of most mixes we’ve done. I’m very grateful for all the support and fans out there from all around the world. I’m grateful and very thankful to all the Artists/songwiiter/producers/managers & record companies who have come to us to be a part of their team (even if it was just a “temporary team on a current release”). I’m very thankful also to all the main promoters out there with their “ear to the ground & eyes on the street” who have also helped & recommended Thunderpuss over the past 5 years, David Henny & PK, Bobby Shaw, Brad LeBeau, Claudia @ Maxi just to name a few. Geesh…there are JUST too many people to thank!!
As most of you know out there, i’ve been around Djing since ’83, producing/songwriting etc..since 1988. From Kon Kan, to Top Kat (Feel Cool) to Outta Control (with Rachid of WideLife) to Thunderpuss, another “chapter” is done for me. It’s time to “change it up” and get reinspired and begin another chapter!!
Wow…what a ride! Thankyou to everyone out there!
Music is my passion like is is for you who are reading this right now. I’m not gone far for long by any means! Perhaps i’m just getting “warmed up”…we’ll see what the future brings. Muah…Beijos..Love ya…mean it! Barry Harris Sept 26, 2003

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